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The Trouble with Not Smoking...

Jan 09, 2014 - 1 comments





quitting smoking






Adult ADHD that I can't sit still! I am a writer and artist and I find it really, really, REALLY hard, if I do not have a cigarette, to just sit the **** down and do some work. If I do not have a cigarette in hand I'm like the Energizer Bunny on meth, or cocaine, or something, I am just all over the place and I just keep going and going doing ridiculous ******** like cleaning my house, or, I don't know, being a productive member of society. It's really difficult to be a lazy ******* writer who just wants to be a bum and sit around writing things all day. Instead, I want to run a marathon and organize my sock drawer.

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by A_Iovita, Nov 18, 2014

The problem is that you stopped suddenly and maybe you were smoking strong cigarettes. I took it gradually and I don't have any problem:

I started from the blue Pall Mall (the strength is 8), 20 cigarettes per day. I replaced it with Kent (the strength is 1). In the first day I smoked 40 cigarettes, but in the second day I controlled myself to smoke only 20.

Due to the lack of money, I smoked 15 and even 10 cigarettes, only by thinking "I'll smoke later, now I'm busy". After that, I stopped smoking the after-waking and before-sleeping cigarette.The next step was to not smoke immediately after the meal and I refused to smoke at home. In this way, I had only 6 cigarettes per day.

My parents don't know about my habit so, after a weekend in their homes, I completely gave up at the "after meal" cigarette. Now I smoke only 3 per day. I hope that in one week I will stop it completely.

Addapt this method to your lifestyle. If it helps, try this site.

Wish you luck!

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