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hiatal hernia

Jun 20, 2009 - 1 comments


I was  wondering if someone could help me when I eat the food will not pass . It hangs up in my chest . Some time it will take up to 30 min to pass other time I have to make it come back up when I try to drink water to make it pass sometimes it will go down other times it just about chokes me so it has to come back up . Please someone help me .I have been on pain meds for about one year do you think that could of cause this to happen .

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by ben33156, Feb 06, 2013
Have you had your surgeon (don't use a general use a thoracic surgeon) do a motility test to see if your esophogus is pushing the food to the stomach? I've had emergency surgery 10 years ago. Recently I had hietal hernia surgery. Only because last year around April I started feeling sick to my stomach. Then I started vomiting twice a day. I never went to the doctor until August which was completely irresponsible of me.I had a terrible G.I. Doctor. I know because I've been to very good ones. No, I don't think pain meds can cause this problem. Maybe what your taking pain meds for could have. I'm not a doctor and you should write all your symptoms down to tell your doctor preferably a G.I. Doctor. It's not something to wait on. Have you had an endoscopy or any test that involved a barium swallow with an upper GI? You should make an appt. with a gastrinologest or get a referral from your primary care doctor. Good Luck.

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