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Living with Crohns and UC

Jan 10, 2014 - 0 comments









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Living with Crohns

So, I was able to get some additional information as to the State of my Crohns, and like most of you out there, it tends to be more of a pain in the Butt than anything else.  From the last entry, I was actually victim of the recession and lost healthcare, however, I had a good doctor that was working with me the entire way.

I noticed that there were food types that I was more intolerant than others.  I can no longer eat corn or pop corn w/out feeling extended effects, and if I take opioids (Hydrocodone, Percocet, or worse), the diuretic effects that these medicines cause affected me more than anything.  I found that taking tramodol for the pain, again do not take Ultram as it has an opioid in the delayed release, and it helps me manage the pain that I experience.

I have noticed, with the advent of missing 2+ years of medical care, that I'm feeling the effects of digestion as it pertains to Crohns and UC, which is the inability of absorbing certain minerals and vitamins.  I've also noticed that I do not have the energy that I once had and I regret not having the medical care.

I will post the foods that tend to help me, and the foods that hurt with in the next month or so, which I hope will help some of you out there.

Just remember, if you have a Gastro, Internal Medicine, and an additional caregivers, you will and should keep a list of all your symptoms and medications.  I say this as in today's day and age, it's amazing how LITTLE doctors and offices actually talk to each other and share information.  This way, you won't have to rely on your pharmacist to tell you if there's any interactions with your medications.

Sorry it's been so long and I'll start posting more.

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