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The Disease Of More

Jan 10, 2014 - 0 comments








The Disease of More.  It is a human disease that has its roots in emptiness and affects us all.

Many times we seek to fill the void within us with things, clothing, cars, houses, food, sex, drugs, pills, exercise, books, computers, travel, jewels,
cosmetic surgery, pets, alcohol, movies, gambling and we are slowly choking on our things here in the world.  We have to rent PODS or rental units to store the stuff we have bought, and then we go to the mall, walking around for hours to buy more stuff to fill up the corners of our soul....And the Disease continues.  More.More.More.

The emptiness in the human can never be filled, but it can be recognized and dealt with by using meditation, gratitude and spirituality.  It cannot be done just one time, but  like other diseases, must be vigilantly watched and taken care of before symptoms arise.

When we take charge of our Disease of More, it doesn't take as long to recognize that the pain we are feeling can be a fleeting thing as long as we don't act out our symptoms.  In Meditation we learn to watch thoughts rise and fall and then be replaced by more thoughts that rise and fall in our conscious.  We do not have to act upon our thoughts, meditation teaches us that if you ignore a thought, in a breath or 2, more will appear.  

The emptiness is the place where the Divine Lives.
As we listen to the voice of the Divine, we learn that we are okay.  That we are enough, that there is a plan for us, a place for us and a path for us.
We learn that we can do things we never thought possible, and many times are filled with a happiness that has nothing to do with any physical possessions....and once you have that happiness, no one or no thing can ever take that away....

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