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Jan 12, 2014 - 4 comments

Ok I started temping on Dec 29th my first temp was 97.63 I was CD 4, Dec 30th 97.61 CD 5, Dec 31st 97.57 CD 6, Jan 1st 97.80 CD 7, Jan 2nd 96.88 CD 8, Jan 3rd 97.34 CD 9, Jan 4th 97.39 CD 10, Jan 5th 97.13 CD 11, Jan 6th 97.43 CD 12 got a positive OPK, Jan 7th 97.65 CD 13 got another positive OPK, Jan 8th 97.94 Cd 14 got a negative OPK, Jan 9th 98.14 CD 15, Jan 10th 98.36 CD 16, Jan 11th 98.33 CD 17, Jan 12th 98,43 CD 18. The last four temps I done a lot of tossing and turning and I stretched some to so I don't think that they are that accurate. So please help me understand. I am thinking about temping earlier that what I have been cause I get disturbed a lot of times before I temp.  

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by Sheaby, Jan 12, 2014
It's hard to tell since you have done a lot of tossing and turning.  If you're finding that you're getting a lot of disruption before you temp, it might be best to set an alarm for about an hour sooner than normal, take your temp, and go back to bed.  It worked wonders for me.  I set my alarm for about 5am, took my temp, and fell back asleep.  My thermometer saved my last temp, so I didn't even have to record it right away.  Typically, when you have at least 3 temps at least .3* higher than the previous 6 or more days, then that should indicate ovulation.  But any time you have had sleep disruptions, that can screw the outcome up.  It can usually take about 3 months of consistent temping to figure out your pattern, though.  Good luck!

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by aiyanas_momma, Jan 12, 2014
Thanks Sheaby I am thinking about 4 am instead of 6:15 cause DH has his alarm set for 4 am so I can temp then get him up. I normally take my temp then go back to sleep mine also saves my last temp. I go and look at it when I get up. Again thank you.

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by laureninlove, Jan 13, 2014
Have a look at my chart for this month it may help you. Also there is a website that adjusts your temp. I for example temp at 7am but when I wake late or early I use the website, type in the time and temp and it adjusts it to what it should be. It's a site called When My Baby. Took me a while to get used to doing temps but definitely worth it

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by aiyanas_momma, Jan 13, 2014
Thanks lauren I will have to take a look at that site.

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