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beginning of the end!!!!!!!!

Jun 21, 2009 - 0 comments

horse riding

Have started the fun journey of methadone reduction. Started at 35mg , now at 32.5mg but I've self-reduced for the last week - hopefully around the 30mg mark. Also am split dosing all TA's. Can definately tell the difference during the day - getting major cravings that r translating to food cravings. I really don't mind that , seeing as I have been trying to put on weight for months now. Thing is all this healthy stuff I'm eating is NOT helping put any weight on but pigging out on junk food will put it on but will also make me feel like **** with no energy.boring.

Yay for me! I have finally started riding again. Have found a great coach , Wendy Cramp and she's even willing to train me as a coach in return for me working (coaching) for her. I would work for her for free anyway (I'm crazy for horses) but for her to offer me training in return is a dream come true. The excersize will do me the world of good too . Even after the first lesson , I just felt so elated , u forget what a natural high feels like sometimes. Couldn't sleep that night , my brain was so stimulated , couldn't stop thinking, I have a lesson on today but it's raining , so it will prob be cancelled :(
I feel so lucky that I have finally found what I want to do with my life. It took me awhile but Im still young , I'm ready now, took me awhile to grow up.
God, I just wanna stop smoking so much weed, it drains me of all thinking ability and energy but I crave it so badly. It may be the tobacco  and the nicotine , so I'm trying to smoke more cigerettes & less weed. Even now , I'm gonna go get a little stoned. Bye.

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