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10356, Sep 11, 2009
Looks like you like to travel the same paths I do :) Oh and yah do not look 90 lol lesa
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beatingthis, Sep 11, 2009
So why did you get rid of it?
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whitie, Sep 14, 2009
It was up in copper harbor.........way up there in da U P. farthest point north in michigan
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NorcoQueenoftheUniverse, Oct 09, 2009

White.. If that's YOU in the picture.. I wanna MARRY YOU!  (NICE 6 pack!)
  Oops.. I forgot.. I'm already married!  

As my husband once told me...
"It's okay to LOOK at the menu... Just don't ORDER from it!"  
Sooooo, I'm lookin...
Nice pic... Nice abs.... Nice knowing you!

Keep posting as I really DO love your POSTS.. (and.. your abs...)