Celia 2 ms with 'Bonus Nana' Marcia
Celia 2 ms with 'Bonus Nana' Marcia
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charm27, Sep 20, 2009
Beautiful.......nothing in the world like a baby.

Precious as can be...............:}

Bestest of luck to you and yours!
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Marcia2202, Sep 20, 2009
Thanks for all you kind comments, been trying to write you a note, but can't get through. Hope you read this. Hugs, Marcia
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GreatBird, Sep 26, 2009
Awww. I can almost smell that sweet baby scent here.
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Peach803, Sep 28, 2009
Well my friend......what a beautiful babe, and I'm thinking the "Bonus Nana" is in the beautiful bracket as well.  You're looking great - and quite healthy!
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Isobella, Oct 01, 2009
Awwwww  =).  Sweet!!