David holding baby like a good Uncle
David holding baby like a good Uncle
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margypops, Nov 17, 2009
Uncle David, he takes to it with serious thoughts ...they always hold them like they are going to break ..LOL
681888 tn?1272922309
star641, Nov 17, 2009
gosh the big head of dark hair on him !hes just a bonnie baby Cherie ,..
449672 tn?1398394807
jeh57, Nov 17, 2009
Congrats...Uncle David!
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rebel5, Nov 17, 2009
Oh your baby boy holding your grandson... so cute
599170 tn?1300973893
Cherie762, Nov 17, 2009
see all of Davids freckles Bernie...he hates them I love them
681888 tn?1272922309
star641, Nov 21, 2009
i love them to  and i think hes cute ,kevin has then he never says anything about them ,......
tell him as long as he has freckles he will have very good skin he will never get pimpels;)