Twe, Easter Sunday 2010
Twe, Easter Sunday 2010
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margypops, Apr 10, 2010
ohhh Twe your hair is gorgeus is this before the highlights ,you are so slim .
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Dazon50, Apr 10, 2010
You look fabulous!!!  You have done such a terrific job with losing weight!!!!  Congratulations!!!!
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twehner5, Apr 11, 2010
Thanks, ladies!  Margy, this was BEFORE the new blonde highlights......and both of you, it's been 3 years this month that I lost 65 lbs!  Since my 25th anniversary is soon, I'm quite happy about this.  I've always wondered if I could keep it off.  I'm still not cocky about that.  See me in 25 more years  ;)
535822 tn?1443976780
margypops, Apr 11, 2010
Wow Twe 65lbs is good I could do with loosing a few now ...I dont exercise enough now days ,its Obamas fault I am online too much
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specialmom, Apr 11, 2010
You really are a gorgous lady!  I love your hair-----  so thick and healthy looking.  The rest of you is thin and healthy looking!
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jimi1822, Apr 11, 2010
<3 the hair =0) Wonderful Easter outfit, cool shoes =0)
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peggy64, May 08, 2010
You look great! So Slim! Congratulations on keeping it off.