"Dormant" Tardive Dysphrenia and its Manifestations as is Being Clinically Understood in Me
"Dormant" Tardive Dysphrenia and its Manifestations as is Being Clinically Understood in Me
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jeroenp, Apr 22, 2010
nice work :) love it
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ILADVOCATE, Apr 22, 2010
Thanks. This details some of what the experience of tardive dysphrenia (a very specific clinical category that I am under standard clinical study for) is like as regards its specific hallucinations and mood disruptions. Also of course it is a creative outlet for me. As the tardive dystonia I have has become treatment refractory (though I continue to advocate for new treatments and me and my neurologist and psychiatrist are waiting to hear from the research neurologist) the dysphagia I have makes speaking difficult to near impossible. That's why I have a TTY. Because of this although my creativity has not been dampened it has shifted from writing poetry (which I always did) to putting together collages. A lot of this could lead to a further understanding of neurotransmitters and how they function and I always bring these to my psychiatrist to update them on what's going on with me. In general creativity is a good outlet when people have any concerns and sharing it with your psychiatrist (if appropriate) can help them understand what some of your concerns may be, perhaps expressed subconsciously.
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Drugssuck, May 12, 2010
These are wonderful! I'm also an artist,painter,singer ,songwriter pianist...people who suffer make the best art!
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ILADVOCATE, May 12, 2010
Thanks. I appreciate. Good observation. Sometimes when one is dealing with adversity of any kind channeling it into creativity is one good way to cope with it.
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Tuffnready, May 26, 2010
Your collages are very interesting.  I used to write alot of poetry. A while back when I was going through a highly stressful period Iand couldn't seem to express myself with poetry, I started making a college, which I never really finished but did it lesson some of the anxiety I was having.  I guess when you can't express yourself with words, pictures can.
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ILADVOCATE, May 26, 2010
Thanks. Good to hear of anyone's experiences here as well. I still write poetry from time to time and am seeking further neurological recovery which should enable me to go back to writing poetry and more importantly other physical abilities I used to have. Through working with the various providers I have, I continue to advocate for treatments that will enable me to regain functioning and they are continuing to research what might help me and potentially document what has happenned and how it is being treated and regardless they have discussed my recovery to understand how other people with similar disabilities might potentially be treated within their own specific clinical understanding.
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real_jimmy, Sep 04, 2015
The tiger form, just above the snake, could you explain it?