New Hair!! Tell me what you think, Anh! lol
New Hair!! Tell me what you think, Anh! lol
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Bugsite, May 13, 2010
OMG!!! i cant believe that's what you look like!!! Ooohh Weeee!!!! >=-)

i had this impression in my head of who i was talking to and it certainly didnt look like this!!! (i swear im LOL right now)

i just remember the old pic of you, your man and dog that looks like you're trying to bite him... but this is the "real" you isnt it?

How could you say before that you're not want-able??? i bet you he's losin it now and missing you badly! call him...

i wont tell you what i really think of your new look... but ill just be a gentleman and say... "You're So Pretty"   :)

Hey, how about you just forget about that old guy and and come and see your "boyfriend" in Australia? i'll pay for your airfare! hahahahahahaha!!!