Catamaran 06.20.10
Catamaran 06.20.10
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Isobella, Jun 21, 2010 should send me the scarf.  You don't need it =)  You look GREAT!!!!  Isobella
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Diane12855, Jun 21, 2010
Amen to that! I would have been happy looking like that 20 years ago... now I'll just dream.
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jelise, Jun 21, 2010
Where do all the oreos go?  I can't see them anywhere :)
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epiphiny, Jun 22, 2010
Wow!! You look fabulous! And that weather looks awesome, we've just had our shortest day and it's a long time since I saw such lovely water. Who needs a scarf? Not you, babe!
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portann, Jun 22, 2010
Wow, better hide this fabulous photo from the guys. I can't wait to hear Cando's reaction to this oh-so-sexy gal photo.

A total cutey, from the nose to the toes.

Yeah, where DO all the Oreos go?
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Dee1956, Jun 22, 2010
Beautiful!  I would love to be out on a boat in the water like that!  What a view!
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can-do-man, Jul 06, 2010
Thanks bill for the tip!!!......Oh my, Oh my. someone tell me how i get to the centerfold???.......Please

Hey Deb remember seymour?
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Bill1954, Jul 06, 2010
Kinda makes a guy want to run out and get an I ♥ N Y bumper sticker, huh Zach :o)?
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nygirl7, Jul 06, 2010
Oh you guys made me feel so good ♥
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susan400, Jul 12, 2010
Girl, you don't have 1 inch of fat on you!!!  I'm so jealous!  Susan400