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nickieb85, Jul 21, 2010
Aw!!! Cute little baby! I am so glad that everything is going well and he/she is growing!
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k10road, Jul 21, 2010
Hi bebe!!!  You look so perfect and so cozy!  Your mommy has been waiting for you!! Now you behave and stay put in there for another 29 weeks or so! Xoxo
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1angelbabyM, Jul 21, 2010
what a cute little profile!!!
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frank_noahsmommy, Jul 21, 2010
Awe that profile picture is so amazing!!!!!!! I am glad everything went well at your appt!
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steph9803, Jul 21, 2010
What a perfect pic! I'm so glad that everything looks so great!
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Steph_b, Jul 22, 2010
how cute :)  
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HaYnSweetie, Jul 22, 2010
OMG how cute! What a great picture!
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Jenny101407, Jul 22, 2010
Awww what a wonderful picture!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo happy for you mama! You have no idea!
919101 tn?1368109937
anxiouslywaiting910, Jul 22, 2010
Thanks Ladies I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers and support :) it was so surreal to see the baby moving around brought tears to my eyes!! I feel so blessed,  I can not thank God enough.
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Princessa745, Jul 24, 2010
Awww what a clear pic. So happy for u. almost out of the first trimester