36 weeks...almost 50 lbs weight gain :( i feel like im going to explode !
36 weeks...almost 50 lbs weight gain :( i feel like im going to explode !
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WannaBMamma, Nov 09, 2010
you look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love the baby bump.  I like that you did not cut your head off this pic.  You look stunning.  Congrats momma- you've made it this far.  I think you and I will be the twins mammas that make it to 38 weeks- just our luck.

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jennlaurin80, Nov 09, 2010
your a sweetheart :) i really really was tempted to cut my head off in it hehe. It is not fun seeing the extra poundage...but, if it helps the boys im all for it ! Ans i think your right ----we will be the ones to make it to 38 weeks, oh my !
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Caralea, Nov 09, 2010
Congrats both of you for making it so far.. your babies I am sure are loving it and will get to go home sooner!! You look great.
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Alexis2358, Nov 10, 2010
Now that's a baby bump to be proud of.   How awesome, I still can't believe you are almost done, I can still remember just finding out, seemed like just a few weeks ago.     Good job mommy
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Jenny101407, Nov 10, 2010
Jenn =) You look adorable! I am loving that baby bump. I can't wait to see the boys!!!!!
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jennlaurin80, Nov 10, 2010
awww you guys are really so sweet ! Thank you
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Rose33, Nov 10, 2010
awww look at you! very cute! This gives me an idea on how big I am going to be in 12 weeks lol
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Ready_2_be, Nov 11, 2010
You look awesome! Just Beautiful!!!!!
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k10road, Nov 13, 2010
Oh my goodness, you look GREAT!!!!!  I can't believe how much your belly grew from the 31 week pic to this one!!
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cleto, Nov 16, 2010
Wow I can't believe either how much your tummy has grown..... :-)