First visit with Santa :)
First visit with Santa :)
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pertykitty, Nov 20, 2010
haha what a great first santa pic.  looks like he is wondering what that man with all the hair is doing holding him.
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nola0805, Nov 20, 2010
This picture is absolutely adorable - what a perfect santa's elf!
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Dragon1973, Nov 20, 2010
Awwww!!  Yay for Vaun and Santa!  I bet you didn't have to wait long to get it done, makes me think we should get Hunter's done soon, instead of later - and before I get even more tired then I already am...


PS - I think that this is the same Santa that Hunter sat with!  (It should be after all, how many Santa's are there!  LOL!)  Last year we went to Oshawa TC, where did you get this one done?
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blueyes34, Nov 21, 2010
We got his pic done at the Pickering Town Centre....Waaaaayyyyyy better Santa there!  We lucked out and got there at 1:45 pm....Santa was on lunch until 2 so there was only 1 person in line ahead of us :)  I change him out of his elf outfit right after because the poor little guy was getting all sweaty lol.