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10356, Dec 06, 2010
she may never walk correctly Terry but she will overcome her disability's and go one to live a good life with your help :)

Let our people of the sacred land roam free
All of nature’s wonders gather around thee
Kindred are we, this is part of our decree
Our heritage is Mother Earth for all to see
Together, we can live in harmony
And remember, all we have to do is to believe..
meant to give you confidence for all your efforts she is still viable and deserving of the chance to live free.. letakos
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beatingthis, Dec 06, 2010
Just beautiful! Tears....
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10356, Dec 06, 2010
me too Terry Thank you for sharing Hope and a bit of yourself.. warm hugs
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lifewithoutcoke, Dec 06, 2010
She's right, Terry. Hope is alive, she's well fed, moving around, socializing with her herd. This all may not have been possible without your help. And yes, even if she ends up with a limp, she is alive and well, and that is what is important. If she was in so much pain that she couldn't stand, I doubt she would be cruising around like she is. She is a survivor and you've helped her overcome her injury so she could continue on. Huge hug!!! xoxo Liz
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beatingthis, Dec 07, 2010
Thanks Liz. She was waiting for her breakfast today. :)