can you see the 2nd line? its not that bright but i see it
can you see the 2nd line? its not that bright but i see it
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karenlovesbabyKC, Jan 04, 2011
I dont think this is a BFP for me.. i just had my d&c done on dec 20.. so it has only been 2wks. you think this only mean i still have HCG on my system..?
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rccresswell, Jan 04, 2011
I'm not sure :(  I definately see a second line.  I was 14 weeks when I miscarried and the only time I got a negative was the first time I tested which was 3 weeks after my miscarriage.  That was a heartbreaking experience to only see 1 line after 14 weeks of being pregnant.  I did have my blood drawn at exactly 4 weeks and my hcg was down to 5.  I think you might still have hcg in your system but the best way to see is if you retest in a few more days if it gets darker then you are most probably pregnant and if it doesn't then you will know it is almost out of your system :)

I am thinking of you
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chrissymom, Jan 05, 2011
Hey there, it is very faint, but it is definitely there, Have you been trying to concieve again already, if so you could be pregnant, as rccresswell says it could be left over HCG but I would leave it a few days and re test with the same brand and as she says if it gets darker, then you will knoww that the HCG in your body is going up again! good luck and I really hope it is a BFP! fingers crossed! :) x
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karenlovesbabyKC, Jan 06, 2011
Well yeah we are having sex again after 2wks but it can't be positive in 2 days.. so I guess its really just the left over hcg from my lost pregnancy.. but I will definitely check again in a week. Thank you ladies! =)
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chrissymom, Jan 06, 2011
hey hunny, I had a bit of a dissapointing afterthought after I had written what I did, your D&C was only 2 weeks ago so even if you had ovulated right after it implantation would likely have only just happened and therefore the result of the pregnancy test wouldn't be positive yet! The HCG is probably still there from before :(  sorry I hadn't realised till after what I had written before. However if you are having sex again and your body will go back to normal, you may still end up getting your BFP when you are next likely to get your period which is about 4-6 weeks after the D&C usually. I really hope you get lucky this month and get your BFP after all but I don't think the test up there is a current BFP! I have my fingers crossed for you to concieve when you do ovulate and I hope you get a lovely dark lined BFP in a few more weeks!!!! xxxx
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jenkaye21, Jan 15, 2011
I had a + test up to about 5 days before AF started yesterday.  I guess there was just enough hcg left to get a positive.  Upsetting, thoiugh, when you want to be pregnant so bad.. :(