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lifewithoutcoke, Jan 06, 2011
Oh my gosh, I am in love!!!
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ang_811, Jan 06, 2011
so pretty..thats an awsome picture..
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laurel453, Jan 07, 2011
awwww, they are beautiful, look at her friend's liquid eyes and ears, love them :) Hope is a real beauty !!
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10356, Jan 09, 2011
Oh Terry look how Beautiful she is !! as well as her friends :) she has grown ! They all look Healthy and Fat lol I see she is holding her leg but she is managing very well. it is amazing what they can overcome under the right circumstances and You sure provided that !! You have the best watering hole and Grub around! this spring you may be meeting baby hope :)) warm hugs You did Good Terry !!