And the New Patrick, 33 days later
And the New Patrick, 33 days later
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paen53, Apr 20, 2011
"My, what big ears you have!!"  What a difference 33 days and a whole lotta love makes, huh? Already he has "old soul" eyes that I used to see in each of my strays I'd take in. Thank you for the work you do and the dedication to this cause.....Pam
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Lady Lauri, Apr 21, 2011
Pam, this one I haven't personally rescued. He's in NJ and it has brought phenomenal nation wide attention and news. I would LOVE to have him! I am in the fight to get her harsher punishment and to get these offenses raised to felonies in ALL states. His care has been thousands of dollars, but donations have rolled in so much they stopped taking for him, going towards many others going thru  abuse. Mind boggling how anyone can do these things to a creature isn't it?  Shooting one would be more humane, and thats bad enough.It IS just torture as it is very easy to drop one at the pound, somewhere, if u 'can't feed it'.  This poor pup, now quite the happy dog, has a happy ending and has brought out cries from across the world, so at least his torture, abuse brought that.

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