She had SOO much fun haha
She had SOO much fun haha
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bbxx, May 10, 2011
ha ha thats precious!
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rpooo, Jun 17, 2011
Wow! Awesome! lol
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tgtiffany, Jun 18, 2011
Thanks, haha, it was ALL I could do as  mother to let her get that messy!!!  But Daddy promised that he'd be giving her a bath, and he did :)  lol
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finsfan4ever, Jun 18, 2011
OMG.....thats such a sweet face....good thing she isnt around me.....she would be SO SPOILED!!!
although it looks like she's doing ok in that department!!
thanks, made me laugh/cry...
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tgtiffany, Jun 19, 2011
Don't cry!!  She's precious though :)  I'm going to upload to WAY more recent pics later tonight though, she's GIANT now!!!
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miss313, Jun 22, 2011
That picture is so cute. It looks like she had very good time.
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ROSYouralright, Nov 15, 2013
Sooooo cute! Awwww!