Raphie 6 months old (April 7)
Raphie 6 months old (April 7)
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Bill1954, Apr 25, 2011
Oh, my; six months have gone by? I can’t believe it! What a handsome lad; you must be very proud…


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Marcia2202, Apr 25, 2011
Thanks, I am. It's strange how crazy one becomes with a grandchild. I love him so much. He is always in a good mood, it's wonderful. He's so much fun to baby sit, he never cries. We have a ball with each other!
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Isobella, Apr 25, 2011
He's beautiful, Marcia.  Lucky you!!!  I can't wait for the day.
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babs824, Apr 25, 2011
dear ralphie, what a guy. glad your new life is filled with the joy of  a good humored precious baby. be well, babs824
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Lit1116, Apr 25, 2011
Hi, Marcia!!
What a VERY handsome grandson!!  They grow up too fast!!  My grandson will be 6 on May 11th.  Enjoy him while he is so little!!!  Sweet boy!!!
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Marcia2202, Apr 26, 2011
Thanks guys. Raphael is our little angel... pun intended...

Everyone is nuts about him, from both sides of his family he is the first grandchild. Both his parents are first borns with a big gap to the second borns. He has four uncles and two aunties. And then my hubby's five kids.... If he is not going to be spoiled rotten!