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essdipity, Jul 06, 2011
What a lovely garden and yard. I can sure see why you don't want to move.

Are you a gardener yourself? I used to be, now in a condo. With that hot weather there, you'd have to garden very early to beat the heat, but still it's very rewarding. So wonderful watching things grow. I don't know what grows in Texas that's suitable for here, maybe not much, since I'm Mid-Atlantic. But it's always fascinating to learn. I have loads of gardening books, in addition to cookbooks. Can have fantasies galore!
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jujuminx, Jul 06, 2011
Thank you.  We have someone cut the lawn (way too much green space for us to mow) but husband and I do most everything else. It is so rewarding and the pleasure we get from just enjoying the views and beauty is priceless.  It chose heat tolerant plants but even so, they take a beating in this 100+ heat day after day.
Yes, early morning or evening is the only time this part of the year that I can be out there unless I am swimming. Don't you just love gardening books?  It's better than any Vogue or Cosmo mag out there.