finished jam
finished jam
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LindaTX, Aug 03, 2011
YUMMMMY!!!  :)
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Mom2four85, Aug 09, 2011
that looks wonderful...I remember as a teen picking strawberries and helping make jam.
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bbxx, Aug 09, 2011
Mmmm, very nice! We will all stop by for tea and jam on toast. :)
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merileegal, Aug 09, 2011
Come on over anytime!!
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margypops, Aug 09, 2011
oh this looks gorgeus ..saw it n the side mom made all her jam's ..she would pick blackberries from the English countryside and make jam, /wine Looks wonderful be great on a butty with best butter
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merileegal, Aug 09, 2011
What made the jam making better was having my grandkids help. My granddaughter has an eye for photography, so she's the one who staged and took this picture. Oh, we have all enjoyed it on hot homemade bread fresh from the oven. Yummm