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steph9803, Sep 09, 2011
Day 3
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tiredbuthappy, Sep 09, 2011
Your cut matches mine!!!
Good news is that once the staples are out, no one will see the incision.
Looks great- I still had much more grease and clotted blood at day 3. You have very talented and considerate surgeons :)
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steph9803, Sep 09, 2011
It's dissolvable stitches that are already starting to dissolve. All of the nurses and NP's have been complimenting the stitch. He told me he would use a plastic surgeon type suture to lessen scarring. I'm really happy with that. I totally understand the feeling you mentioned about the high you felt when you awoke with your site! I was SO hoping to be as lucky :D
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horselip, Sep 13, 2011
Wowee that just goes right across your head eh? Good that your hair will cover it ;o)
But once it is all healed up you can always cop a feel and remember your battle scar and what a miracle age we live in!!!!! heh heh