Rusty Hillenmeyers: How to Survive a Zombie Outbreak
Rusty Hillenmeyers: How to Survive a Zombie Outbreak
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flcyclist, Oct 28, 2011
Deb, you're looking much better since trt ended, color beginning to come back in you face.  Do hope you get a handle on those mouth sores though.........   Hope you enjoyed  :o))
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nygirl7, Oct 28, 2011
i was going to title the picture "Me on Treatment" but then I worried somebody a bit OCD might take it seriously or something......... ;)
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James10500, Oct 28, 2011
If you would have someone would say -you look great hang in there ! You'll be fine, you can do it !
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Dee1956, Oct 28, 2011
Thank you so much for a reason to laugh!  This is so funny.  I just took my shot and for some reason thought "Oh Deb must have another fantastic picture of herself, let's go look.....
Yes, you are right there would have been someone who did not appreciate the humor.  I appreciate the humor where I can find it
Thanks so much for making my day!!!
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nygirl7, Oct 28, 2011
If you can't make fun of yourself who can you make fun of right?
It was fun being a zombie for a day, 'shambling' back and forth with 100 other zombies but it was so cold we didn't need makeup to look blue. It was quite surreal to hear the guy yell cut and then watch all the zombies cracking up.

Good times.
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can-do-man, Oct 28, 2011
Looking mighty fine deb, its friday, party time again??? No wonder we never hear from you on the weekends, you NY girls sure do it right.........
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GSDgirl, Nov 09, 2011
hahahaaa!!!!  Lookin' good
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child24angel, Nov 09, 2011
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spectda, Nov 10, 2011
That is so cool Deb. Really Scary actually. Did you drive home in costume :)
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crossroadsec, Nov 05, 2012
Love this! Uh, did you have that hgb checked lately? Really - you can't look scary if you tried.