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refusingbondage, Sep 17, 2008
ochooked - my hubby doesnt believe your dog is real,   its the biggest most beautiful dog ive ever seen.  what is he?
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ochooked, Sep 17, 2008
A mastiff.   Hang in there refusingbondage -- you are a really good inspiration to many people who are lurking.  You are also a very good inspiration to me b/c I just know we will come off of this alright.   All the best.
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refusingbondage, Sep 18, 2008
thanks! today is the first day since Sept 3 that i am not contemplating suicide!   by no means do I feel good, but something (I cant figure out what) has lifted.  I am going ot post later about it.  your the inspiration to me.  1) talking to you has convinced me im not crazy or whiny about these wds and 2) your making it!
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ochooked, Sep 18, 2008
Thank you for the kind words.  Yes, we are making it.  I did burn some bridges so it would not be easy for me to get dope anymore ---  As I said the only way out of this mess we got ourselves into is straight ahead -- no retreat no matter how long it takes.  Yes, I get depressed but we have too much to live for to let this addiction beat us ------ I am encouraged by those who made the journey ahead of us --- they made it and we can too.  All the best.
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mimi170, Sep 22, 2008
is your dog male or female? is that you in pic? i am not sure if ochooked is m or f, i could have sworn i saw this pic under another persons name, oh well. just thought i'd check out your profile since i was told u and i had the same drug of choice and were taking same amt in past. what is your dogs name? i love him!! (or her). talk to u soon, mimi
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ochooked, Sep 23, 2008
I am male --- dog is Mastiff.  All the best
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sunshinedaydream3, Sep 28, 2008
thats a biggggassssssss dog
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nic374, Oct 17, 2008
what a cute dog how much does he weigh my husband wanted one of those
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laurel453, Oct 23, 2008
a-lu-ci-nan-te and tremendoussss, you doggi ! ( and both beautiful !)
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Jacqui805, Oct 23, 2008
I used to have a Bull Mastiff growing up...they are great dogs....yours also looks like a Bull Mastiff, are you sure yours isn't?  A Mastiff generally isn't so thick...they're taller too....Great dog!