@ 10 Dpo first faint Pos @ 8 Dpo
@ 10 Dpo first faint Pos @ 8 Dpo
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agrell, Jan 17, 2012
Thats awesome honey...congrats...rub that belly and send me some of that baby dust :D
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army_chick, Jan 17, 2012
Thanks... Sending lots of baby dust your way. If you have a little trouble concieving like me, I took fertili tea this month which is a yummy herbal tea (well that is if you like green tea and peperment lol) and drank it two to 3 times a day from CD1 to the day opk came out pos. And it actually worked and its cheap like $20 I think. Just thought I'd let you know. Good luck!! :) Keep me updated.