My husband circa 1954
My husband circa 1954
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jules2551, Feb 06, 2012
Looks like you had a cutie on your hands.  I love the black and white pictures...priceless!  
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babs824, Feb 10, 2012
what a dear boy who became a dear man loved by a dear woman...
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nygirl7, Feb 15, 2012
Beautiful pictures Eureka just gorgeous.
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margypops, Feb 19, 2012
What a handsome boy who became a hero and your dear husband ...
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Dee1956, Feb 28, 2012
He is such a cutie in this picture, bless you for sharing with us
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Dee1956, Jun 24, 2013
I echo margypops, very handsome boy who became your hero and husband. love Dee