Yey its in writing :)
Yey its in writing :)
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maryjane2012, Apr 12, 2012
how much are those pregnancy test?  what does 1-2 means? does it mean ur from 1-2 weeks prego?:)
do u think i should take a test< im 8 days away from my period? :)
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MumsyA, Apr 13, 2012
It cost me £12.99 for two. Its means from conception which means ill be 3-4 weeks. There fantastic its great to see it in writing makes it feel so real. Im not to sure maybe wait another day or two. Since mt m/c in August my periods having been regular so i dont have a clue when i was due on at all lol. If your erging to take one id say first responce as thats up to 6 days before, Baby dust to you!! xx
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junebug19, Apr 17, 2012
that is awesome!
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MumsyA, Apr 17, 2012
thank you!! I love it