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Carly1306, May 01, 2012
haha! I love this one, her hair is amazing!! Is this one of those necklaces that are meant to help with teething pains etc?
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PetiteWonder, May 01, 2012
Yeah it is.. im not sure if its helper or not but seems to be..  say they can help them sleep better at night.. she slept 8 hrs last night which is amazing.. but ill put it on her ankle tonight to see if she can keep it up
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hopeitworks, May 01, 2012
Did you order it online? Ive been looking to get one for Quinlan and every site I have come acorss is sold out :(
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Carly1306, May 02, 2012
I know one of the other ladies here has one, although hers is a bracelet, but looks practically the same. If it helps somewhat without the need of meds for the pain then it's definitely worth it! They're such a great idea, and look adorable too!
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PetiteWonder, May 03, 2012
I bought mine at a local baby store here like a small one.. They have really great stuff...  But I know there is a lady again locally who sells them...  Can you find any smaller type baby stores in your area?
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mae2x, Sep 15, 2012
a very cute baby! hoping soon to a little one. .