Great day with the kids :)
Great day with the kids :)
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margypops, Jan 08, 2013
wondering which is you, a great pic love the Lab
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sueduva, Jan 09, 2013
Thanks Margy,
That was a great day last fall.  We went for a short walk to the beaver dam. And our dog, she is actually a golden but shaved for the summer, likes to retrieve small rocks that we through in the creek!

That is me in between my daughter Jessie, and my son William. My other son, David, is looking at Kylie the dog :)
It was nice to remember the day, since I am stuck inside while it is cold and icy out.

My husband, kids and pets (2 cats too) really help me to keep on, and get through my painful days.  They really are my reason for being here.  I feel very blessed.

Thanks for reminding me of that nice day,