Ozzy in the tree!
Ozzy in the tree!
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opus88, Dec 14, 2012
oh what a beautiful photo of Ozzy..would make a purrfect Christmas card..:))
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LivingInHope, Dec 14, 2012
What a sweet shot of Ozzy!
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stfluffybrain, Dec 31, 2012
Ah got under the right pic this time :)
Ozzy is cute, gorgeous and sweet.
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rumpled, Jan 04, 2013
He was not happy when the tree came down! He spent a lot of time in the tree, perched in there and flattened a good deal of it. I had to wrestle him out to take it down! For some reason, he just loves being nestled in the tree. He is a sweet cat. Thanks!
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KodeMaster, Sep 20, 2013
My cat uses the tree as a chew toy...lol...we have to put up a little one and keep it on a table so she stays away from it! :)
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rumpled, Sep 21, 2013
At this point, I will put this one up again with no decorations and let him sit in it. His sister is the chewer (we call her the goat) but she does not care much for the artificial tree. I think they would destroy a table top tree even worse!
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Roxycat36, Jun 25, 2017
I love your kitty :) he's so cute I'm a member\user I go by call sign of Roxycat36