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vegas2cr, Sep 23, 2008
Wow now I can put a face to the name.. thanks Pam.
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Tybear, Sep 28, 2008
PAM! ...I agree, it's so nice to put a face with a name :)
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cirella, Sep 30, 2008
Oh my goodness!  Pam, I always imagined you with short hair for some reason.  Thank you for posting your pretty face!  How was your walk?  It was on my birthday and I should have remembered to ask you sooner.  Sorry about that.  Will you send me an email or pm to let me know?  How is your sister?  Well, anyway...thanks for showing us your pretty face.

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crecco, Oct 09, 2008
I agree, thanks Pam for letting us put a face to the name. You are even more beautiful than I imagined.
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Sandymac, Oct 09, 2008
Isn't it funny that we imagine folks totally different.. I also thought you had short hair..You take a great picture !! Thanks for sharing !!