My babys! Two big lap dogs!
My babys! Two big lap dogs!
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Mandapanda17, Oct 01, 2008
om my gosh, they are absolutely darling!!!!!!! :) I'll send you a friend invite so you can see the pix of my big baby lap dogs! :)
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kim715, Oct 09, 2008
They're gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!  My pit is about to turn 7,shes the big baby in our house too.Love them.
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flmagi, Oct 13, 2008
Pits can be the sweetest babies if raised with love. These two have been, you can see it in their faces.Beautiful! Just want to kiss their faces!
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10356, Oct 30, 2008
They are beautiful dogs I love their big boofey heads Bonnie girl the gray and black one is like this .. your babies are GORGEOUS>>>
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laurel453, Nov 06, 2008
guau...they are beautiful, heat !!!!!
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Jacqui805, Nov 06, 2008
Your dogs are SO cute.....I'd like both of 'em on my sides keepin' my a$$ warm this morning......awwww..My parents used to have an Am-Staff the same colors as your dog on the left mom now has two Pits the same color as your dog on the right....I just have a bad baby cat myself, lol