momma duck and her babies - 2013
momma duck and her babies - 2013
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Poppy7402, Jul 11, 2013
So cool.  Was driving down the highway last spring when a momma duck decided to take her brood across.  I stopped, as did the traffic going the other way.  We each ended up with about three cars behind us but everyone seemed happy at the delay to let nature take its course.
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HVAC, Jul 11, 2013
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SarahL2491, Jul 11, 2013
Each night at dusk, we have about 18-20 ducks fly in to spend the night and at first light, they are gone.
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Guitar_grrrl, Jul 11, 2013
Sweet photo!  I love nature!
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LisaJF, Jul 11, 2013
Love it!
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candy158, Jan 11, 2014
how cute are they?   more to come this year, we have the quail, and ducks down by the ocean ......