strawberry stand
strawberry stand
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mzkity, Aug 06, 2013
Is this for sale??? I love it:)
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orphanedhawk, Aug 07, 2013
It certainly could be. I planned to enter it in a show in September but I could always do another one for the show~ there's enough time..
If you're seriously interested, contact me via a pm.
Also I do commissioned work as well :)
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specialmom, Aug 07, 2013
I love it too!  Really a pretty and colorful painting!!  I hope you make a lot of money for your work.  You've got talent!
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ejoli, Aug 07, 2013
Makes me hungry for strawberrys!
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orphanedhawk, Aug 08, 2013
Yes, the strawberries are fabulously delicious.
The farm is leased by a Laotian couple. They don't spray though they aren't certified Organic. As a frequent customer who even speaks a little Lao-Thai, they now make me up baskets that are overflowing~ yummy !
I hope to sell this pastel but if I don't, I may give it to them as a present, or maybe I should trade for berries~hmmm. . .
4670047 tn?1375730401
mzkity, Aug 09, 2013
This is mine, I think!!! I'm submitting an offer!
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IAmTheWalrus, Aug 17, 2013
It is beautiful, like you!  :-)