Pvt. Wehner
Pvt. Wehner
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AnnaE, Jan 12, 2009
How precious and impressive.
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twehner5, Jan 15, 2009
Little did we know when we sent him off (he was 17) that he had/would be diagnosed with a heart condition. It took us 10 weeks to get him sent home from Ft. Benning!  Boot Camp is only 9 weeks.  Your tax dollars at work - he was paid the entire time.  He just wanted to come home once his dreams were dashed. (He spent 3 days in intensive care.)
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krcald22, Jan 21, 2009
What a hansome boy! I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers for you in hope that he is blessed with good health.
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twehner5, Jan 21, 2009
Thank you!  He's doing well now.  His dreams of a military career appear NOT to be, but God has a plan.  He's in college now, in an engineering program.  Yep, I'm proud.
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AnnaE, Jan 25, 2009
He is so handsome. I am sorry for his disappointment, but I am sure he will find his way.
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kerryberry17, Mar 20, 2009
Wow, hes hot!!!
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SassyLassie, Apr 18, 2009
Very nice picture. I am sure the Lord has something special in store for him. I am sorry, however, that his dreams did not materialize, but, something good will.
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Cherie762, Jun 22, 2009
he is very handsome, and your right God has a plan for him, the Lord works in mysterious ways,
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Lucey12, Jun 28, 2009
Looks like a nice young man. Hopefully he will get well, army ready or not. My then husband is going over seas in february. Missing our 1st year anniversary, but as you know, its the army, its what they love.
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margypops, Jan 23, 2010
How is he doing now Twe ?