Maxy's 4 lb bass catch and release
Lake Nacimiento 
Maxy's 4 lb bass catch and release
Lake Nacimiento
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ActingBrandNew, Feb 03, 2014
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CRSeaside, Feb 03, 2014
Thanks Darlin!
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meegWpaw, Feb 03, 2014
ya look so pretty and happy!
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clean_in_ks, Feb 03, 2014
Nice catch, Maxy!!!  Just the mention of "Lake Nacimiento" brough back a FLOOD of memories for me!  When I was just 10 yrs old...a HUGE group of my family camped there for a full week.  I had a Grandpa that would get up at the crack of dawn and begin frying bacon, eggs, and makin pancakes for all of us.  It's also the lake that I water skied on for the very first time in my life!  I actually double skied with my Grandma....we were cruisin along...doing great...and then all the trees growing up from the bottom of the lake snagged my ski.....hit me in the butt....down I went.  Was bruised REALLY bad....felt pretty scary for a 10 yr old at the time...LOL  Plus I had some history I was trying to overcome.... fear of water due to an almost drowning episode at a lake in Kansas when I was 4 yrs old.  It was a BIG DEAL to get me on skis...LOL  Beautiful LAKE!!!  Cold in the mornin.....wonderful place~
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weaver71, Feb 04, 2014
We only have trout up here. I stopped fishing after leaving Texas, where we used to fill the boat, literally. We almost sank it with fish one time. Great pic.
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jimi1822, Feb 04, 2014
AweSome picture =0)
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digger1976, Feb 04, 2014
Nice catch! I love fly fishing for Trout and Salmon, ;)
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jugglin, Feb 04, 2014
Awesome kids love to fish!
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Londres70, Feb 14, 2014
Awww.....what a nice photo!
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JustHelp123, Mar 09, 2014
Very nice!  I'd love to go do some ocean fishing soon.