My transplant incision and hernia repair 3 months post
My transplant incision and hernia repair 3 months post
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mzkity, Feb 11, 2014
Sure can see where all the action went on, the stitching on the right is very prominent. Well at least looking down you see a happy face. Congrats Howie, so happy for you. So glad you shared your story, you've helped so many! I'm one of many!  

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orphanedhawk, Feb 11, 2014
Oooo, now that you showed me yours, should I show you mine??

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dontworry_behappy1, Feb 19, 2014
Nice skin shot Hector : ).   Think of you often.
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Doofus_jones, Feb 20, 2014
Hector - You got your liver. I'm so very happy. If any anyone deserves a big break it is you, you have been a rock to everyone visiting this site!

How's everything running, really well I hope. I have been UNd for six months now. I almost cannot remember the horror of the peg and interferon nightmare. At the moment I'm trying to help some x-hepper who has gotten herself terribly addicted to sleeping pills so on we go.

Please let me know that you're up and about and dancing through the tulips.


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MeWithC, Mar 08, 2014
Massive......hope you are alright man...
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hepcandme, Mar 22, 2014
Whoa! That's some scar. But it should continue to change as you continue to heal. I always have felt that scars were the tattoos that life gives us. So no need for spending time and money at a tattoo parlor when the other scars have a far more interesting story to tell
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RobinLasterWilson, Aug 04, 2014
Wow...your incision is so much smaller than mine. Wonder if is surgical technique or that I am a small female?
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ceanothus, Nov 16, 2014
I haven't been on here lately so I just saw this photo, and wow. It looks quite good Howie, I'm impressed. My abdominal scar is way uglier than yours and I didn't even get the full works like you did. I hope everything is working as well as hoped and you are getting healthier all the time.
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Dee1956, Nov 16, 2014
Happy Anniversay!....or Happy Birthday!  Thinking of you, Dee