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Mollyrae, May 15, 2014
Our Lucy !!
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Mollyrae, Jul 13, 2014
Lucy is 1 year old now. She is as cute now as she was when this pic was taken. What a good girl she is.
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TheMadMan, Jan 25, 2015
This looks like my cat JR...or his sister. Russian Blue, very independent, curious, cautious, smart, loyal, (sounds like a boy/girl scout). Wonderful breed.
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Mollyrae, Jan 25, 2015
She's been the BEST !!!
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breezytoo, Jan 26, 2015
What a cute pic, why is it that kitties will watch the images on a screen but a dog doesn't? Is it a difference in their vision? She looks like a ginger tabby. Cutie pants.
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Mollyrae, Jan 26, 2015
Thanks. She is a tabby/torti. She is also a year and a half and still watches my pc.