Before surgery - 6.4 cm nodule
Before surgery - 6.4 cm nodule
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ChitChatNine, Mar 26, 2008
Stupid Me .. before looking @ the caption I said to myself, "Geez, what a great scar .. where is it?" ..... 6.4cm nodule is pretty big ... mine were "babies" with biggest being 1.7cm and I could not feel it even when I was told it was there!

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worriedinmd, Mar 26, 2008
I can't believe now that I DIDN'T see it before. I might as well have an Adam's apple on my neck! I promise to post an "after" shot sometime in the coming weeks.
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dscoochie, Mar 26, 2008
I like your necklace, and that shade of green looks great on you! :)

I'll be thinking of you on Friday!

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KelDC, Mar 26, 2008
I thought the same thing after they told me how enlarged my thyroid was - how on earth did I not notice that before? Of course, now I notice it all the time!
Good luck to you -we'll all be thinking of you!!  
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898, Mar 31, 2008
Before I was involved in thyroid disease research for my project (for ultrasound application), my knowledge the thyroid disorders was too primitive . I was only imagine the picture from my biology textbook showing the image of the person with a huge bag u
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898, Mar 31, 2008
under chin, next to the picture of the person with bulging eyes (Graves disease)
I was also stupid to think that the Iodine – all is that need for thyroid health.