Mom and son :)
Mom and son :)
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Tennesseegirl, Feb 19, 2008
OMG... What a Beautiful Picture !!!  
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pertykitty, Feb 19, 2008
i agree this picture is worth framing.  
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Brown Eyed Gurl, Mar 07, 2008
yep it would look really pretty in black and white
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Van73, Mar 13, 2008
OMG! You are so beautiful!!!  Lucky!
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shesherm, Mar 19, 2008
and they just keep getting better...I wanna know who is taking the pics and can they come to Florida....
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Tanker Chic, Apr 14, 2008
My mom took these pics.  She isn't a photographer but does have the artist eye...
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mrspace24, Dec 31, 2008
This picture is amazing!  I would frame it!  How beautiful.
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SueGre, Aug 28, 2009
How did I ever miss this? Amazingly, amazingly beautiful. I can't believe you just had #2! So lucky...