The daily poison....
The daily poison....
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passnby, Feb 03, 2009
There was a time that I took a pail (like used on the beach) of pills a month.  8 years ago or so, I gained 65pounds in 8 months. from size 10 to size 18.   never took it off.  I would eat a huge meal and still feel starving.
Are you having and signs or symptoms with all these meds?  Do you sleep all the time?  Have you working?  Do you think you are better then you were before you went in the hospital?
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mslovelyme, Mar 13, 2010
Jeeeze! How the hell did you manage to get on all those???
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biolarwithgreatideas, Apr 30, 2011
add about 30 more boxes to the table and yes over past 10 yrs m weight has gone from 135lbs to 250lbs back to 165 to 230 to 180 to 190 to 145 - its ridiculous - especially how much i had to pay on clothes not just meds