It is snowing.Happy Holidays!
It is snowing.Happy Holidays!
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jugglin, Dec 24, 2015
Wow...what a stunning photo!  Merry Christmas to you Vic!
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VICourageous, Dec 25, 2015
A Christmas Card to all of my MH Friends. Hope YOU all are having a Happy One!!
Kind of Sad for me..
517872 tn?1562050708
real_jimmy, Dec 30, 2015
Great scene. Don't be sad, we are with you sharing your vision. And I can feel.
Happiness is what you share
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breezytoo, Jan 19, 2016
The giant pines make them look tiny!
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MH Community Mgr, Mar 25, 2016
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stilltrying1965, Jun 07, 2016
Looks very much like Scotland in the winter. Do you have to travel to see wild life like this or do you look out the window to see this. I love this,,,,,James