Oh! My! Toooo many out here today!!!
Oh! My! Toooo many out here today!!!
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VICourageous, Dec 28, 2015
There is a mama and her 2 babies that are not afraid of me. I can get right up on them as I did in a few other pics like the other one I put in. However, today they where out here and I fed them only to walk away and have about 11 others come in. Oh! I guess I opened up a can of worms. When they see me coming all of them will run away except the few that know me now. I do get a real joy out of this but I can not feed them in the summer. Have to fin for themselves. Ha!!
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real_jimmy, Dec 30, 2015
Lovely animals
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stilltrying1965, Jun 02, 2016
V C that's an awesome site. its amazing. the wildlife the snow too good