Not afraid anymore!
Not afraid anymore!
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VICourageous, Dec 28, 2015
The baby is behind the tree. I got real close to them today. REALLY close and they did not run. Have some really good close ups. I was only about a few feet away from the mama today and she just stood there as I talked to her. Looked her right in the eyes as she looked at me too. The rest that came in will run when they see me coming. Oh well..More food for the few that do not run. Ha!!
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spider6, Dec 28, 2015
Cool Vic.....Merry Xmas.
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MH Community Mgr, Dec 28, 2015
Great photo!   They come in my front yard, but no snow here yet.
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Barb135, Dec 28, 2015
That's an awesome photo Vic...I can just see the baby's head sticking past the tree on the right.  That's one thing I don't like about living in Florida - we don't have much in the line of wildlife and I love to watch any type of animal in the wild... without disturbing them.  I did come pretty close to a bear one time, but he was too close for comfort and I had no time to take photos, as I had to, carefully, make my way to a safe place...
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real_jimmy, Dec 30, 2015
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Belle313, Jan 03, 2016
You are so blessed to have these beautiful animals in your own back yard, Vic. The only 'wild animals in our hood are raccoons and sometimes Hawks. Neither of which I would want hanging around here with the pups, garden and baby.
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breezytoo, Jan 19, 2016
Can you ever hear the hunters? They are so beautiful!! Thank you for helping them eat. :)
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stilltrying1965, Jun 07, 2016
I wish i could be there just for a day, it looks so awesome peaceful and tranquil.