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kellym, Feb 07, 2009
Looks like you are money bags, ha ha ha!! Yes, looks darker :)
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Tanker Chic, Feb 07, 2009
hahaha... the only reason I laugh is because I did the same thing.  You should try to find some that only detects levels over 50 hcg and watch that go from light to darker.  I don't think they even make the 100 anymore.  But if you can find them that would be fun also.  Let is start at neg and then turn positive. :)
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tina1111, Feb 07, 2009
Kelly-I don't even have pics of all of them!  I threw a bag out yesterday that probably had 5 or 6 in it, lol. I'm not even sure how many I have done now. I know at least 2ea 3pks and 2 or 3ea 2pks. Oh yeah, plus 4 digis *blush* . The frer digi said "no" on Monday. So the sticks are more sensitive than them.  I also read the CBE digis are down to 20-25 now. So, I could have had a 20 on Wed when I got the digi. Whew!

Hannah-I wish I knew one that was still guaranteed above 50. I went to poas ******* and theirs are so outdated. Half the brands aren't even made anymore or they have redesigned them. They still have pics of the old clear frers!
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mamaofonetrying42, Feb 07, 2009
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june72, May 30, 2009
Wow,nice pictures! thank you for sharing this.