Got to get 6 cords in NOW!!!
Got to get 6 cords in NOW!!!
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VICourageous, Jul 14, 2016
This pic was taken back in 2004 and I was using. Now I am Clean & Sober, Older, more weight on and more wrinkles & gray hair. LOL
However, I still can split the wood with the wood splitter. Time to get wood in now before Winter!!!! Want to come over and HELP??? Oh, and my eyes are worse and my hearing. YOU have to be tough to get older. Hugs!!
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clean_in_ks, Jul 14, 2016
Well, even if the picture is 12 years old....I still LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Your nickname "Mountain Mama" would be the PERFECT caption for this picture, huh?

Better you than me (or us) needing to get that much wood split and ready.  Take a current pic when you start splitting this year, ok?  Love you GOBS♥♥
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dominosarah, Jul 15, 2016
Where in gods green earth are you all getting your b00bs???!!!!
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meegWpaw, Jul 15, 2016
this is a great pic, Vic!  love it.
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ChitChatNine, Jul 15, 2016
Everything is a beautiful green .... you look great!  C~
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VICourageous, Jul 18, 2016
LOL..DS would you like to barrow them for the Wedding?? YES, they are real and I wish they where smaller. Why would one want Big Ones?? They are a pain in the ash when we get older..Ha! You get my drift!!!

OK. CIK I will take some pics when we start to split the wood..Thanks Everyone!!
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dominosarah, Jul 18, 2016
I dont want them all, just a bit more!!  Maybe i should put a chia pet in my bra for the wedding!!  All i have to do is water it and boom, i got boobs!!  lol
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VICourageous, Jul 18, 2016
You are to Fing FUNNY!!!