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specialmom, Aug 11, 2022
OHHHH MYYYYY GOOODDNESSSS.  I love this kitty!  How adorable!  Long hair to come?
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AnnieBrooke, Aug 11, 2022
Probably won't be long hair, just a lush coat. Our grey kitty, Brubeck, whose photo is elsewhere in these shots, looked like this as a kitten and he just has a thick coat now. Dashi was sick with a virus when he came from the Humane Society, so he was thin and his coat was sticking out. He looks a lot more plush already and it's only been three weeks.
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Jade59, Aug 22, 2022
Aww, REALLY cute kitty.  Great to read that Dashi is feeling and looking better so quickly.  What a lucky boy he is to be a part of your family.    
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Piparskeggr, Aug 24, 2022
Magically Kyoot!
134578 tn?1642048000
AnnieBrooke, Aug 26, 2022
I wish it wasn't so hit-and-miss to post photos, I'd like to put one in that shows his orange tail. :-)